"Sometimes I feel like music has made love to me. And sometimes I feel like music just had sex with me. I feel I am pregnant by music; and it is the father and mother of my child."

"The blood was too much for me. It freaked me out. When it came to sex, I swore I was done, and I was. I didn’t have sex with another girl for three or four years."

"I’m one of those brothers who can’t handle participating in the actual birth… So, I paced the floor at Rock and Roll McDonald’s near the hospital in downtown Chicago. Rock and Roll McDonald’s is about the nicest McDonald’s there is. You can be comfortable sitting there for hours. So while Drea was dealing with labor, I was drinking coffee with three creams and six sugars and feeling very nervous until they came and told me that, at long last, I was a father."

"That’s the day, like Peter Parker, I got bit by the spider, a music spider. If Peter was Spider Man, I became Music Man."

"I’d gone from baseball cap to a paper bag to a chitlin bucket within a month of street performing… After that I went to K-Mart and bought a big rope, and for the rest of my street performing career, I tied one end of the rope to the chitlin bucket and the other end to my right ankle, figuring that if anybody else tried to take my money, they were going to have to take my ass along with them."

"One night, Mom fixed us her traditional soul food dinner; ham hocks pinto beans, cornbread, and greens. I liked it all — except the greens; couldn’t stand greens."